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New Format

New Format

Hello all, sorry for the sudden change. The Rant Page has gone through a number of changes since 2003, yes it has been that long. I have thought long and hard on this, and have decided to take this site into an new direction for me, and hopefully a familiar direction to most people on the internet.

The Rant Page will keep most of its edge, I will still call people out, name names and still have the brutal honesty I have been known for, for better or worse. I hope to have more time for the site now that I have finished school, I will make a post about that later. I am trying to figure out the dynamics of WordPress, if anyone can help please let me know.

Stay tuned I hope to be in regular form soon.


My Thank You List

My Thank You List

My Thank yous During this ‘situation’ I have seen a lot of posts thanking nurses, doctors, truck drivers, grocery store workers and so on, basically everyone who is deemed ‘essential’. That is great, thanking those who are doing their job and carrying on like it is no big deal. I have my own list which some may think I am using my sarcasm, let me assure you I am not being sarcastic at all, some will be obvious that I am not being sarcastic, others may be more difficult*, so again, let me assure you there is no sarcasm in this post at all.

First I want to thank those of you to scared to even look out your windows for fear that you will somehow catch the Covid bug. Honestly, we need more of you. You make it easier for those who are essential to get to work, more importantly get home from work. For those in the healthcare field you are one less patient they will need to care for. (*See what I mean, but I am serious here)

Next, Grandparents, mothers, dads, sisters, brothers and all the Non-essential workers out there, without you the essential workers, well they would just not be able to work. You are home watching the kids, cleaning the house, making dinners, repairing things (Guys do not tell me your essential wife has not given you a Honey-Do list that rivals the Constitution of the United States in length!)

Now to thank the KING of social distancing, the humble American Farmer/Rancher. One guy in a tractor preparing his fields for the spring planting, all alone in the middle of a thousand acres, getting ready to feed America, a huge thank you to you brother (Or Sister, I know a few Farmerettes out there.) You have to worlds roughest job and are never thanked for it. Thank you!!

I also need to thank the conspiracy theorists out there. I do not necessarily agree or even disagree with your line of thought, but you have given us all something to think about. I have heard a lot of theories about this ‘event’ and I even have a few of my own thoughts (One is I think this could be a desensitizing event for something bigger to come later) when something like this comes along, you point out that something is not adding up, you may overstate it somewhat but if you do not keep us vigilant, then we might as well give into slavery. Thank you.

A big thank you to our United States Postal workers “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor Covid-19, nor gloom of night stays these courageous couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”. Well, swift is a relative term… These brave men and women bring us our bills, junk mail, political advertisements (which is only slightly lower on the scale than junk mail.) and maybe even post cards from those people who learned that there was a different way of communicating in the historic past and thought it might be a hoot to recreate it. Actually these men and women keep a normalcy that is missing in our lives right now, we know we are in trouble when the post office stops.

And a huge thank you for all of you have read this far, over 500 hundred words and you read the whole thing, thank you. Though it is not like you have anything else to do…..Peace and love, God Bless.