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Way Back Rants
« on: March 31, 2021, 01:25:06 PM »
The Rant Page started in 2003 or so. I found this little gem from a very early incarnation of The Rant Page. This is from a section called "Who needs to be stoned to death?" I hope you enjoy this oldie that I wrote almost 20 Years ago!

Your rights to life mean nothing to some people. I am not talking about Al~Quadea I am talking about people here in the United States. I am not talking about a small splinter, fanatical group. I am talking about your neighbors, friends and even people in your family. It would be no stretch that everyone in America knows someone who belongs to this group. This group is so strong that legislators quake before them. If they even hint to something it becomes law overnight. This is the most powerful group in America today, and this last week they are directly responsible for the deaths of 10 people in California.

To this end, the Stoning square will feature Mr. James Parkel current president of this activist group. The American Association of Retired Persons is another one of these "Non-Political" groups with a political agenda. The main difference is they make no bones about the fact that they couldn't care less that you know that they have an agenda. In fact this non-political group has more members of our government on their payroll than any political party has. Both Democrats and Republican bow to the whim of this group and not even blink an eye. If you think that our government works for you, your wrong, it works for the AARP.

The elderly person that mowed through a farmers market and killed (at the time of posting) 10 people, one of which was only 2 years old, was 86 and renewed his license without any testing 3 years ago. The AARP's position is, and always has been, that the rights of the elderly takes prescience over everybody else's rights, period! This would include your right to live. There is no room for extra testing of the elderly who cares if they end up killing 2-year-old children!

I am willing to debate this position, here on the RantPage with any member of AARP who wants to go on record. I doubt they will even touch this issue. I recently logged onto the AARP website, and they did not even have one article or mention of this horrific event. So if you know of anyone who is willing to take a stand, defending the rights of the elderly killing kids, please let them know where to post their comments.

Now, am I saying that the elderly need to have their rights stripped from them? Not in the least, but as we all know, as a person gets older their reaction time, vision, stamina and a grocery list of other problems seem to happen almost over night. I am calling for the testing of anyone over the age of 65 every other year, and once a year for those over the age of 75. I have a grandmother, who is still driving and she is over 80, I would like to have her around for as long as I can, but if she gets to the point she can no longer drive she must be pulled from the road. It's her right to live as well. It's my right to have her around as long as I can; it's not her right to endanger herself or others. The AARP would have you think otherwise.

So Mr. Parkel for your continued resistance to common sense and logic, I cast the first stone.